Square D limit, pressure, and float switch products are being rebranded to Telemecanique Sensors

Brand Migration

There is an ongoing brand migration that impacts Square D Pressure, Float, and Limit Switch products. The rebranding started in July, 2023.

The migration has no effect on the technical aspects of our products, the product names, part numbers, nor on the way you purchase or receive support. You will find the same great product, but under the name of Telemecanique Sensors. You will now see the Telemecanique Sensors logo on the products, instruction sheets and product literature.

All Square D brand limit, pressure and float switches families are included in the migration. These products include: NEMA limit switch 9007, L100/300, L140/L2153, L525; NEMA pressure and vacuum switches 9012G, 9016G, ACW and ADW. Water pressure switches 9013F, 9013G, FSG, FYG, FHG and FRG, as well as NEMA float switches 9036, 9037, 9038 and 9049 and 9998 accessories.

While our Square D brand is changing, our focus remains the same: to help you meet your needs and requirements and provide you with the customer support that you have always enjoyed from Square D.

If you have any questions, please contact your usual Square D representative. Thank you for your trust and confidence in Square D and Telemecanique Sensors.

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